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15.2. The Golden Jubilee

This Souvenir was published by Ramanashram for the occasion.

On 1st September 1946 a huge festival was organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sri Ramana’s arrival at Tiruvannamalai. Space in the Old Hall was limited, so it was decided to build a large open hall (pandal) for the occasion on the northern side of the Old Hall, with a roof made of palm leaves. This hall is the previously mentioned Jubilee Hall, which Ramana found very pleasant. The program for the celebration was particularly full and required a great deal of preparation. There were talks by many famous per-sonalities, plus recitals by well-known musicians.

The devotees and the Ashram management had spared no efforts. When the marathon twelvehour program was shown to Ramana, he said, “It is stated that all these big people will deliver lectures! What about? What is there to speak about? That which is, is mouna (silence). How can mouna be explained in words? In English, in Sanskrit, in Tamil, in Telugu. Oh, what an array of languages! Eminent people will speak in so many languages! All right! Why should I bother! It is enough if I am not asked to speak.”

When the devotee who had presented the program to him, suggested that it could be shortened, he answered smiling, “Have I asked for any of these items, so that I could now object to any one of them? Do what you like. It is all a series of lectures. I will sit like this on the sofa. You may do whatever you like.”115 And so it happened. Sri Ramana remained seated all day long giving darshan and went without his midday siesta.
115 Nagamma: Letters, pp. 81ff

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