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Chronological Table

30.12.1879 Birth of Venkataraman in Tiruchuli

1892 Death of his father Sundaram Iyer and move to Madurai to live with his uncle Subba Iyer

Nov. 1895 Ramana hears from a relative about the holy hill Arunachala

July 1896 Death experience, which leads him to Self Realization

29.8.1896 Spontaneous departure to Arunachala

1.9.1896 Arrival at Tiruvannamalai; residence in various parts of the Arunachaleswara temple

From Feb. 1897 In Gurumurtam and in the mango grove

May 1898 Ramana’s whereabouts discovered; his uncle Nelliappa Iyer visits him in order to bring him back homeFrom Sept.

1898 Lives for several months in Pavalakkunru

Dec. 1898 Unsuccessful attempt by his mother Alagammal and his elder brother Nagaswami to bring him back home

1899 -1916 In Virupaksha Cave and Mango Tree Cave

1900 -1902 Ramana gives written answers to questions from his first disciples (Vichara Sangraham and Nan Yar)

18.11.1907 Ganapati Muni’s first meeting with Ramana

1912 Second death experience at Tortoise Rock

1913 -1914 Two visits by mother; Akshara Mana Malai and other hymns in praise of Arunachala

1916 Alagammal takes up permanent residence with her son in the Virupaksha Cave

1916 -1922 In Skandashram1918 Ramana’s younger brother Nagasundaram joins the Ashram community

19.5.1922 Death and liberation of the mother

Dec. 1922 Ramana takes up residence near his mother’s grave; Ramanashram comes into being

1923 -1929 Upadesa Saram, Upadesa Manjari and Ulladu Narpadu (with supplementary verses)

1930s and 40s Translations of important Advaita scriptures into Tamil, Malayam and Telugu; Arunachala Pancharatna in Sanskrit

Feb. 1949 Ramana taken ill with cancer

14.4.1950 Death of the Maharshi; a glorious shining star seen to move in the direction of Arunachala

15.4.1950 Funeral of Ramana Maharshi

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