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15.3. The Final Days

10 days before mahanirvana

In the final days of his life in particular Sri Ramana consoled his devotees repeatedly with the same words, "They say I am dying, but I am not going away. Where could I go? I am here."

According to the report by S.S. Cohen on the 10th April there were so many devotees, that the darshan queues for both men and women had to be supervised by Ashram volunteers. "This darshan is no doubt a very great strain on the Maharshi, who, in his infinite compassion, keeps his face constantly turned towards the devotees the whole time the darshan lasts. His couch has east-west position and the door through which he looks at the devotees faces south, so that for one full hour he keeps his head turned in that direction and strains his neck. In his present state of health the strain on him must be great; yet he refuses to stop the darshan, or even reduce it to once a day.

His nourishment consisted today of a little fruit juice, tomato juice and some coconut water with glucose."124

On 11th April Sri Ramana¡'s look at the evening darshan was especially intense. Some devotees felt so moved by this peculiar look of grace, that they interpreted it as his last. And they were proved right.

Narayana Iyer wrote to Professor Subbaramayya, "Bhagavan¡'s condition was considered very critical. No liquid food even. No motions, no urine. Pulse very, very feeble. Blood-pressure very low. Heart weak. Temperature 96.8 and frequent hiccoughs ... Bhagavan asked in the evening if there was the queue in the morning. Sarvadhikari replied that it was suspended for sometime. Bhagavan said that He would suspend taking even a drop of water till all that came had their darshan. So there was the queue last evening. Bhagavan sat steady as before, suspending hiccoughs, pains and everything. After darshan I learnt that hiccough started. He is taking some food, that is, a little buttermilk and fruit juice. No medicines. His general condition is growing weaker."125

After this darshan the Maharshi no longer had enough strength to look at his devotees. S. S. Cohen reports on 12th April, "Today he is stretched full length on the sofa, with hollow eyes, sunken cheeks, pale, waxy skin and drained of vitality. Three attendants are massaging hard his legs. The upper half of the body is exceedingly sensitive and cannot be touched without causing him severe pain. During the half-hour running darshan at 9 a.m. he could only at times turn his face to the devotees, but mostly he is listless. Doctors stopped testing and examining him and strictly forbade all access to his room."126

When on the morning of Thursday 13th April a doctor wanted to give him some medicine to relieve the congestion in his lungs, he told him that it would not be needed as within two days everything would come right. __________________________

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