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6.2. Admirers

Ramana at the age of 22

A few months after Nelliappa’s first visit, Sri Ramana left the mango grove to live in a small temple in Arunagirinathar. He had decided that he should no longer be dependent upon the care of others and that from now he would look for his own daily meal. So he said to Palaniswami, “You go one way, beg your food and get on. Let me go another way, beg my food and get on. Let us not live together.” But Palaniswami, in the evening returned to the Arunagirinathar temple, saying, “Where can I go? You have the words of life.” Now Ramana felt compassion for him and Palaniswami was allowed to stay with him.

After they had spent about four weeks during August and September 1898 living in the small temple, they went to live for a week in the quiet upper rooms of the towers of the Arunachaleswara temple and in the Alari garden, one of the temple gardens. There Ramana was again tracked down by admirers. He withdrew from them and went to Pavalakkunru, one of the eastern foothills of Arunachala where there was a Shiva temple, a cave and a spring. He sat most of the time in samadhi in a tiny room in the temple, which was so small that it was impossible to stand upright. Several times, after performing the puja, the priest forgot to see if the Swami was sitting in his room and inadvertently locked him in.

His admirers also tracked him down in Pavalakkunru. Patiently they waited until he appeared from inside the temple or the cave to have his darshan.

Once the following amusing incident happened, “They bolted the door on the outside when they went into town for food, fearing that Bhagavan might slip away. He, however, knew that the door could be lifted off its hinges and opened while still bolted, so in order to avoid the crowd and the disturbance he slipped out that way while they were gone. On their return they found the door shut and bolted but the room empty. Later, when no one was about, he returned the same way. They sat telling one another in front of him how he had disappeared through a closed door and then appeared again by means of siddhis (supernatural powers), and no tremor showed on his face, though years later the whole hall were shaking with laughter when he told the story.”24

24 Bhagavan Sri Ramana, p. 39

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